Mizunos + the best way to eat cupcakes

My Thursday morning started off with taking my car in for some repairs. What I thought was just some cosmetic damage (someone hit me in a parking lot) has turned into a much bigger ordeal and my poor baby Honda is going to in the shop for at least a couple weeks. Luckily my dad is living in Santa Barbara for the winter/spring and so I was able to borrow his car for the time being. Thanks dad!

Breakfast was some blueberries at my desk. Along with my usual cottage cheese and coffee of course. 🙂

For lunch we had pizza to celebrate our office’s 18 year anniversary. Who can turn down free pizza? I had a couple slices along with a salad from our cafeteria.

Someone brought in an obscene amount of Gigi’s cupcakes for the office to share. These are my absolute favorite cupcakes in the world and I couldn’t decide on a flavor. The trick is to find someone to split some with you so you can sample the different options. 🙂

I’ve been really struggling with getting out of bed for morning workouts. I’m not really sure why because I get plenty of sleep, but I think a lot of it is this freezing cold weather we’ve been having (12F today). It makes it extra difficult to leave my warm cozy bed! But I suppose it doesn’t really matter when we run as long as we are able to get it in, right?

I headed to the gym after work and did my run on the treadmill with my new Mizunos. I used Asics all through high school but since then I’ve been a Brooks girl. I love my Brooks Adrenalines but I thought it might not hurt to try another brand for comparison to figure out my best fit.

I met up with my cousin for some dinner after the gym. We split the chicken and waffles at Artisan 179 and a couple glasses of vino.

We also had a little bit too much fun with the snapchat.

What do you guys think? Should I get a septum piercing? 😉

Questions for you guys:

Is it harder for you to do morning workouts in the winter?

Would you ever turn down free pizza?

What brand of running shoe is your favorite?



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